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Hotel Paris Presidency is a part of the Paris group of establishments, which currently include Paris Restaurant, Paris Lodging house, Hotel Paris Presidency and Tee Cee Stationaries.

“Oru Biryani Katha”- The legend of the Biryani

It is said that Thalassery since time immemorial has been well known for a “B” and three “C’s”. While the latter stands for Circus, Cakes and Cricket, it goes without saying that the former stands for Biryani. While this elegant cocktail of herbs, spices, rice and a choice of chicken, mutton or fish is prepared and served in many different parts of the world, the one that is served in Thalassery stands a class apart in taste, aroma and feel. It is this distinction that cajoles travellers to stop by and relish this complete meal every time they pass by this lovely coastal town.

And for more than 70 years , Paris Restaurant in Thalassery has been catering to the demands of thousands of such seekers. Prepared with lots of love, the traditional way, using the choicest spices and herbs, this delicacy symbolizes the hospitality and friendliness of the locals. No wonder, over the years the Thalassery Biryani has evolved into its more popular form- “Paris Biryani”. If someone says that they have travelled to North Kerala, people ask- “Paris Biryani Kazhichille?”- “Didn’t you relish Paris Biriyani ?”. Of course, the only place in the world where you can have “Paris Biryani” is at Paris Restaurant, Thalassery.

The Genesis

Paris Restaurant was founded by Late Mr. M. K. Ahmed Haji in the year 1942. Returning from Ceylon where he ran a bakery called Paris Bakery, he wanted to create Dum Biryani in its authentic way. The result is Paris Biryani which continues to delight the taste buds of hundreds of our loyal customers to this day.

The restaurant was started in the building where “Chandrika” news paper’s printing press used to function. Since then, many changes have been made to the interiors of the restaurant, but the structure and facade of the building are still retained. In the beginning years, Paris was more than a restaurant. It used to sell expensive imported perfumes and attars, imported toys, cigarettes, biscuits and confectionery. The glass almirahs and huge glass jars used to store these items are still maintained at the restaurant.

Another tradition which we preserve at Paris restaurant is the playing of old Hindi songs of Talat Mahmood, Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar and the likes. We still find some of the third generation of our customers getting lost in a nostalgic world as they listen to the old Hindi songs emanating from the restaurant.

Late T C Abdul Azeez

Since 1968, after the demise of M. K. Ahmed Haji, the Paris group of establishments was managed by T C Abdul Azeez till he passed away in 2010. Under his leadership, few more establishments were added to the group. Notable among them is Thalassery’s first two star Hotel, Paris Presidency, which opened its doors to the discerning travelers in 1993. Hotel Paris Presidency has since made a mark of its own and is a preferred hotel for families and business executives alike.

The Paris group of establishments is currently being managed by the next generation of family members. At Paris, we strive to uphold the values instilled by our forefathers, which is “providing value without compromising quality”.